10 Things You Should Know About Hair LossTens of millions of adults suffer from hair loss, but many people are not aware of the causes and the new solutions available for hair restoration.  Our Florida physicians at Weight Success Centers are recognizing National Hair Loss Awareness Month by listing 10 things you should know about hair loss.


Causes of Hair Thinning and Solutions for Hair Restoration

  1. According to the American Hair Loss Association, approximately 85 percent of men experience hair loss. Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia accounts for most of those cases.
  2. Women make up a large percentage of those suffering with hair loss and hair thinning. Reports have shown that around 50 percent of women will experience hair loss sometime in their adult life.
  3. There are many different causes for hair loss. Medical tests and exams should be conducted to ensure there is not an underlying medical issue associated with your hair thinning.
  4. Men and women of any age can struggle with hair loss depending on their genetics, physical health, hormonal balance, nutrition, lifestyle, and other factors.
  5. Intense levels of stress or acute stressful situations can contribute to hair shedding. Stress can also push hair follicles into a state rest. Reports show the pandemic has increased cases of hair loss.
  6. Protein plus nutrients like A and B vitamins, Biotin, Omega-3, Iron, Zinc, and other minerals are essential for nourishing your body and for promoting cell growth to support healthy hair.
  7. Hormonal imbalances and age-related conditions are often associated with hair loss, which is why many drugstore “cure all” products claiming miraculous results often fail to support hair growth.
  8. Hair loss experts always recommend getting to the root cause. Medical exams and test results can empower physicians and patients in defining the best possible hair-loss treatments for your needs.
  9. A hair piece is not your only option. Nourishing supplements, breakthrough medications, effective topicals, nutritional plans, in-office procedures, and at-home treatments can support hair growth.
  10. Hair restoration has come a long way. The latest leading-edge solutions include The LaserCap® to treat hair loss or Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to regenerate weakened hair and promote regrowth.

As with any hair treatments, products, or supplements – results and benefits will vary depending on a person’s unique hair care needs.  The Florida physicians at Weight Success Centers offer the latest solutions for hair restoration, topical products, tablets, and non-invasive alternatives tailored for each person’s needs.  Our Florida-based medical centers also specialize in customized nutrition plans, weight management programs, aesthetic treatments, hormone balance solutions, medical services, and more.

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