One hour might not seem like a long time, but there could be long-lasting effects on your health when you lose an hour of sleep. The fall time-change means many of us will need to shift our schedules and adjust our routines to optimize sleep. The Florida physicians at Weight Success Centers have the top ten tips to help you adjust and thrive without losing any sleep this fall.

How to Fall Back into a Better Sleep Routine

1.) Set the right goals for sleep. Adults should aim for 7-9 hours per night. This will help boost alertness throughout the day, and it could help improve your mood for enjoying the season.

2.) Create a sleep sanctuary. A quiet, clean, dark bedroom is important, but consider investing in a quality mattress, pillows for your sleep-position, or light-blocking curtains for optimum sleep.

3.) Enjoy physical activity each day. By exerting energy with a brisk daily walk or blood-pumping workout, you can help ensure that your body is tired and ready for a full night of restful sleep.

4.) Load up on essential vitamins and minerals. Eat a nutritious diet full of vitamins and essential minerals, such as magnesium to support overall good health and promote sleep quality.

5.) Limit stimulating beverages. A coffee after 2 p.m. or an evening cocktail could make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Avoid these in the evening if you want to prevent sleep problems.

6.) Enjoy a light evening snack with melatonin. As a natural hormone found in food sources like cherries and almonds, melatonin can help regulate your body’s sleep and wake cycles.

7.) Try some tryptophan for better sleep. As an amino acid found in turkey, eggs, salmon, and sesame seeds, tryptophan helps naturally boost melatonin in your body, while also increasing serotonin.

8.) Avoid excessive water consumption before bedtime. Avoiding large meals at night and limiting late-night glasses of water will help reduce sleep interruptions due to bathroom visits.

9.) Avoid screen time before bedtime. Light from electronic devices can stimulate the brain, making it hard to fall asleep. The National Sleep Foundation says to stop use at least 30 minutes before bed.

10.) Destress before hitting the sheets. Whether you enjoy a bit of quiet meditation, deep breathing exercises, reading, or a warm bath – it is beneficial to relax and destress before going to sleep.
We invite you to contact the Florida physicians at Weight Success Centers for healthy meal planning and weight loss programs to boost your health and wellness. Our physicians also provide Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and medical solutions for hormone balance to maintain steadier sleep cycles.
Do you know of any other natural or healthy ways to improve sleep quality? Share your thoughts with us on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites. Contact Weight Success Centers for more information.


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