2 Delicious Ways to Drink Your Daily ProbioticsBy now, we all know about the digestive benefits of adding probiotics to our daily diets. But did you know that you could simply drink your way to success? Drop that yogurt spoon and pick-up the pace in your busy life with the immune-boosting benefits of probiotic beverages.

The Florida physicians at Weight Success Centers understand you are on-the-go with countless things to do each day. Oftentimes, our experts will recommend a high-quality probiotic supplement to promote digestive health and immune system support. In addition to supplements, you may consider getting your intake of daily probiotics through Kombucha Tea or Water Kefir.

Sip on these Benefits of Probiotic Beverages

People around the world have enjoyed Kombucha Tea and Water Kefir for centuries, but these drinks have grown in popularity in recent years. Here is why:

  • Kombucha Tea: The name may sound unusual, but everywhere from gourmet markets to interstate gas stations are stocking kombucha beverages. Often bottled as a sweetened black or green tea, this low-calorie drink can pack potassium, fiber, plus beneficial tea antioxidants. What is special about kombucha is its production through fermentation. The tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast concoction is loaded with probiotics to support your immune system and improve digestion. Studies have shown that probiotics help increase the good bacteria in our bodies. We need healthy amounts of good bacteria to fight off bad bacteria and to help us manufacture essential vitamins, which is why many people are adding kombucha tea to their list of favorite drinks.
  • Water Kefir: If you enjoy fizz in your drinks, water kefir is a refreshingly rich source of probiotics. Also called Tibicos, this fermented beverage can be made from water kefir grains combined with sugar water or fruit juice. Water kefir provides the benefits of live bacteria combined with food enzymes to support good health. It offers a mix of good bacteria like Lactobacillus and other strains found to be helpful for digestive health. A big trend today is Coconut Water Kefir, which adds the nutrients found in coconut water. Check your local health store for a kefir starter culture and research recipes to boost your health through this fantastic probiotic drink.

Consult with a physician at Weight Success Centers to determine which probiotics are right for you. Other foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, or live-bacteria juices may also be good choices for adding probiotics to a healthy diet. Check out our selection of probiotics at Weight Success Centers and ask our experts about nutritional solutions for your individualized health plan.

Have you enjoyed the immune-boosting benefits of probiotic drinks? Do you have any probiotic food recipes to share? Join the conversation on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites.


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