4 Steps to Prep for a Healthy ThanksgivingWith excitement, families around Florida are planning for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. To enhance the health and safety of your holiday gatherings, our physicians at Florida-based Weight Success Centers are listing simple steps to prep for your 2021 meals and events.

1.) Detail Your Plans for a Perfect Menu.

Certainly, daily meal planning can help you maintain a healthy weight. Likewise, meticulously planning a well-balanced holiday meal could keep you and your guests on track for good health. Many traditional holiday foods are infamous for high amounts of fat, sugar, and salt. That is why you may want to tweak some traditional recipes with food substitutions, such as skim milk or low-fat yogurt in place of whole milk, olive oil instead of butter, or flavorful herbs rather than salt. To add balance, serve a few vegetarian options for guests, including steamed veggies and colorful fruits for nutrition. As needed, prepare some alternative food options for any guests with food allergies or diet restrictions.

2.) Set the Table for Health and Safety.

This year, we are all keenly aware of the need for health and safety measures during social gatherings, particularly those involving food. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has posted several guidelines for safety, which include vaccinations, keeping gatherings small, distancing, masks, and other protocols. A health-conscious host may decide to offer gift bags with masks and hand-sanitizer to encourage safety as guests arrive. Additionally, consider avoiding buffet-style serving tables. Many experts warn these are germ-prone areas that could promote the spread of illness.

3.) Decorate to Delight Your Holiday Guests

While health and safety are essentials, it goes without saying that your holiday guests also want to have a great time. Decorate your tables with autumn centerpieces, special place settings, and holiday-themed décor to make the day special. This year, consider outdoor dining, which could be a safer setting than indoors. Plus, a picturesque setting with fresh Florida air could be something your guests will enjoy.

4.)Serve Up an Impeccable Plate of Food

As opposed to buffets, experts recommend serving plated food to guests. As always, this means you or the person(s) preparing the food would want to perform frequent handwashing or wear gloves to keep things sanitary when cooking, cleaning, or serving food. In addition to cleanliness, try not to overload your guests with heaping plates causing them to overindulge. Instead, you could provide moderate portions and emphasize that second helpings are available to anyone that would like more.

The physicians at Weight Success Centers want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season. Contact one of our Florida centers near you for more information about healthy living and medical solutions for maintaining good health.

How will you keep your holiday guests healthy and happy this year? Join the conversation on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites and find more great tips to share with your friends and families.


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