5 Fall Essentials for a Good Night’s RestSleep difficulties are not fun for anyone. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue, irritability, decreased alertness, depression, and physiological stresses. Most of us aim for the recommended 7 to 9 hours per night, but a good night’s rest can be difficult to achieve during schedule fluctuations or other lifestyle changes. Be prepared when the time changes this November with these heathy tips from Florida-based Weight Success Centers.

Ways to Achieve Better Sleep while Boosting Your Health

1.) Daily Exercise: Adding a 20-minute walk in the Autumn air or a cardio workout could do wonders for exerting enough energy to support a better quality of sleep at night. Exercise can help you boost heart health, shed extra pounds, and promote vivacity. Before starting a new exercise program, talk with your doctor or contact the physicians at Weight Success Centers.

2.) Proper Nutrition: Certain foods have nutrients that can enhance sleep. For example, cherries are a great source of melatonin, which is a natural hormone helping to regulate sleep cycles. Also, magnesium is an essential mineral for supporting sleep. You can enjoy magnesium in avocados, pumpkin seeds, or almonds. And don’t forget Tryptophan, which is a helpful, sleep-promoting amino acid found in walnuts, turkey, and other foods. Enjoy those and seek a wide array of other healthy foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for better overall health.

3.) Daily Mediation: Stress reduction through daily mediation or breathing exercises can help your mind relax and your body let go of tension. Taking quiet time to tune into the rhythm of your heart provides instant relief and balance. For starters, try a simple repeating method of deep breathing before bedtime. Deeply inhale in through your nose, hold the breath for 5 to 10 seconds, and release very slowly through your mouth. To create a dark and quiet bedroom setting for meditation and a good night’s sleep, you may need to invest in light-blocking blinds. For total darkness, it is also helpful to unplug or cover any electronic light sources in the room.

4.) Lifestyle: Avoiding screen time (TV, smartphones, and other devices) prior to bedtime could help you fall asleep more easily. For a full night of quality sleep, it is also important to avoid any caffeine, alcohol, or large meals late in your day. Consult with your doctor or contact Weight Success Centers for more individualized recommendations for a healthier lifestyle.

5.) Hormone Balance: The physicians at Weight Success Centers often tout the benefits of hormone balance, which include steadier sleep cycles. For adult patients diagnosed with hormonal issues, Weight Success Centers may prescribe BioTE, a form of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy helping both men and women. Unlike synthetic hormone replacements, BioTE is a subcutaneous pellet providing pure hormones that are identical to what your body produces. As with any therapy or medical treatment – results and benefits vary. Contact Weight Success Centers in Florida for individualized support and medical solutions.

What helps you achieve better sleep? Share your story on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites. If you are ready to begin your journey to wellness, contact Weight Success Centers for a consultation.


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