If you want to put a healthy twist on the holidays, then join us in standing up for better health and putting down that second helping. 

The experts at Florida-based Weight Success Centers LLC understand that people all over the Greater Tampa Bay area and around the world are celebrating holidays by cooking family recipes, visiting special places, watching classic movies, and cherishing old traditions.  For health-conscious people, however, the season can be challenging with high-calorie meals, snacks, and hours of sitting. Here are five small steps to a healthier holiday season.

Simple Changes for Better Health

  • Make Healthier Food Choices: Avoiding second helpings and practicing moderation are the first steps.  Additionally, consider limiting fats, sugars, and salts this time of year.  If hosts invite you to bring dishes to events, bring nutritious items like roasted vegetables or a colorful fruit tray. 
  • Drink More Water: Increase your water intake to counter the dehydrating and energy-depleting effects of holiday beverages, sugary treats, and travel.  In addition to water, consider beverage alternatives, such as sparkling water with a splash of red cranberry juice, a glass of almond-milk nog seasoned with nutmeg, or a steamy cup of peppermint tea to celebrate the season.  
  • Don’t Forget Physical Activities: Physical activity is an essential aspect of maintaining good health.  Rather than sitting and watching a movie after a big meal, ask a family member or friend to enjoy a walk outside with you.  You could also delight your host by offering to help clean dishes or take out the trash, both of which could help you burn a few calories.  If you have an energetic crowd, get a game of touch football going or another form of physical activity to kick start your metabolism.  
  • So Find Ways to Reduce Stress: Stress reduction is essential during the hectic holiday season. If arguments are brewing or perhaps you have a travel delay, try deep breathing exercises. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for 5 to 10 seconds, and release very slowly through your mouth.  December is one of the busiest times of year for travel, which means more people on the roads and more delays at airports. To relieve this stress, consider bringing games, puzzles, or coloring books with pattern-filled pages to help you temporarily disconnect from the chaos.  
  • Have Fun and Enjoy the Season: Always remember that the holidays can be an escape from life’s mundane routines.  Optimize this unique time for reflecting on the positive aspects of your life. Enjoy feel-good endorphins by watching holiday movies when sitting on the plane or during a long car ride.  You might as well enjoy your favorite classics while you are stuck in a seat. The entertainment will make time fly and help keep you in the holiday spirit. 

The physicians and experts at Weight Success Centers are happy to provide more information about weight loss plans, healthy living, and medical solutions for maintaining good health. Contact us today to take your first step to better health! 

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