Meditation is good for the mind, body, and soul.  It can help with everything from reducing stress, to improving concentration, to better cardio and immune system health.  

With all of these benefits, why have so many people failed to incorporate meditation into their lives?  Perhaps there is a fear of learning something new or a misconception that meditation must be done in some awkward or cross-legged position seated on the floor.  Nope, it actually can be done anywhere, anytime, and in many ways.  Here’s our compilation of Eat, Heal, Travel’s favorite mind-clearing techniques.  An array of relaxing techniques and stimulating exercises can help relieve stress and boost your health for a balanced life.  


  • Breathing:  Spiritual Master Amit Ray has said, “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”  It’s true.  There is no greater feeling of relaxation than being in tune with the rhythm of your heart and body.  There are countless breathing techniques available in articles and videos across the web.  Here is one: Deep breath in through your nose, hold the breath for 5 to 10 seconds, and release very slowly through your mouth. Do this 10 times to instantly calm nerves and lower your heart rate.  Much like sleep, your body can use meditation as a chance to heal through reduced activity, decreased respiration, and lowered blood pressure.
  • Coloring: Did you know that you could improve your mood through coloring? Adult coloring books with pattern-filled pages have become a popular relaxation tool.  As we add colors to patterns, our brains release feel-good endorphins.  There is an entirely new emerging field-of-science called neuroesthetics, which is related to the effects of art, color, and geometric shapes on the human brain.  Patterns may help us temporarily disconnect from our anxiety and stress by focusing our attention on the details of the task.
  • Traveling: If coloring complex patterns and designs appeal to your senses, imagine the feelings of peace and joy you can find when traveling the world to witness new sights, smells, and tastes.  You may find great relaxation traveling to visit museums filled with classic works of art, including sculptures and paintings.  Perhaps you’d find peace traveling to the beautiful cathedrals, mosques, and palaces throughout Europe and the Middle East. Meditation can come from being mesmerized by the artistry of your adventure.
  • Visualizing: If you’re unable to travel at the present moment, you can simply visualize yourself in your happy place.  For example, sit quietly for 10 minutes visualizing yourself in a serene setting.  If you picture yourself at the beach, then imagine the warmth, smell the salty air, wiggle your toes in imaginary sand, and hear the seagulls.  You could also mentally place yourself in a wonderful memory. Alert all five senses to the place and time of wherever you imagine yourself.
  • Exercising: We all know that yoga is a meditative exercise for relaxation, but have you ever heard of a runner’s high?  It’s the perfect example of how many different exercises can help people achieve mindfulness.  Some folks greatly enjoy the rigorous mental focus of jogging, while others may find yoga and stretching to be the ultimate activity for peace of mind.  The important thing is to find something that you enjoy.  It could bring balance and bliss to your life.


We hope these simple tips will inspire you to incorporate a wide array of techniques to meditate in 2018! Be sure to let us know via Twitter or Facebook about other healthy ways to ease your mind.


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