We know that you know what to do to eat healthy and stay active, but nobody wants to commit to a weight loss strategy unless it’s been proven to work. We’ve done our homework, and based our programs on facts— not trends. These proven weight loss strategies have been found to enhance and promote healthy weight loss for our clients:

1. Plan for healthy food— and the time to make it. This is one weight loss strategy that’s been proven to work— but it’s also hard for a lot of us to stick to. Meals and snacks you make at home tend to be much healthier than fast food or processed food, due to lower fat and sugar content, and the absence of preservatives. Since people tend to use fresher ingredients in home-cooking, the food is more nutrient-dense.

So if you know you need to make it at home, set the time aside to do it. You could make a meals in 20-30 minute increments throughout the week, or take a Sunday afternoon to knock them all out. Making double recipes can also ensure you have enough leftovers to take a break from cooking for a while.

2. Savor your meal. If you eat too fast, you’re more likely to overeat. That’s because it takes about 20 minutes for your body and your brain to agree that you’ve had enough to eat. So if you aim to allow yourself 20 minutes to clean your plate, you’re more likely to feel satisfied sooner— and less likely to take seconds or thirds you don’t need.

Chewing your food longer, and making sure you take the time to drink water, will also help you to eat a healthier portion. So next time you sit down to eat, make sure you take the time to enjoy it!

3. Make each meal about the same size. Weight loss science has proven that spreading out your calorie intake evenly throughout the day will help you maintain your energy level— which makes you less likely to overeat, or eat foods too high in fat and calories.

4. Don’t skip breakfast. It’s not just your doctor who thinks it’s the most important meal of the day. Any professional helping you with your nutrition and weight loss planning will tell you the same thing. Here’s why:

You’re less likely to overeat if you’re not starving by lunch.

It sets your metabolism up to win, by stimulating your fat-burning enzymes

It will help you keep the rest of your meals balanced (and at a more appropriate calorie count)

5. Get some shut-eye. Going to bed earlier means you’re not eating high-calorie foods to help you stay up all night. Plus a more regular sleep schedule means your eating habits are more regular, too.

6. Keep an eye on the scale. People who weigh themselves more regularly are not only more likely to lose weight— they have a better chance at keeping it off. Our clients like to set a smartphone reminder to weigh themselves once a day, so they can have a real time sense of their progress.


If you’ve been trying every weight loss strategy known to man, you can stop now and breathe a sigh of relief: It’s finally time to focus your energy and determination on the strategies that our experts have proven to work,


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