6 Sporty Ways to Enjoy a Healthier LifestyleLooking for healthy ways to have fun while getting fit? In celebration of National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, the Florida physicians at Weight Success Centers suggest enjoying sporty activities.

Since 1983, the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition has taken time each May to encourage Americans to live a healthier lifestyle. The Florida physicians at Weight Success Centers understand it can be challenging to get fit. If you think you do not have the time for workouts, or you simply do not like going to the gym, it may be time to consider more enjoyable options for fitness.

Fun Fitness Activities for Florida Men and Women

Fun activities, sports, and games are terrific for moving your body. What you do will depend on your current health, fitness level, and interests. Here are sporty options to consider:

1) Swimming or Water Aerobics: We live in the sunshine state, which is why water activities are at the top of our list. Dive in and enjoy the invigorating joys of swimming laps or water aerobics in a pool. The CDC states that just 2.5 hours of water-based (or other forms of) physical activity per week offers positive health benefits.
2) Kayaking or Paddle Boarding: In Florida, there is no better way to build strength than paddling along our shimmering shores and waterways. Burn calories and strengthen arm muscle while enjoying beautiful bays, rivers, channels, causeways, the Atlantic Ocean, or the Gulf of Mexico.
3) Golfing, Tennis, or Shuffleboard: No matter your age, you can emotionally and physically benefit from outdoor playtime, such as a cardio-boosting tennis match. If you enjoy golfing, skip the golfcart. You could burn around 800 to 900 calories by walking during an average round of golf.
4) Bowling or Shooting Pool: Believe it or not, bowling and bar games like pool or darts can be super fun ways to keep your body moving, especially when compared to sitting around or watching TV. Pick up the pace and play lightning-speed rounds to increase physical exertion during games.
5) Basketball, Baseball, or Soccer: When it comes to physical fitness, interactive group activities are fun and energetic ways to get your heart pumping. In Florida, always remember to stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 oz. of water every hour when exercising outdoors in warm weather.
6) Dancing or Aerobics: Okay, you may not consider aerobics and dancing to be “sporty” per se, but these are certainly pleasurable ways to enjoy an intense workout. An aerobics class, dance lesson, or even a dance party can help you shed excess weight. Any activity that raises your breathing and heart rate at least 1 hour a day can help strengthen bones and muscles.

For beginners, or for those with physical or medical conditions, be sure to consult with a physician before starting any new fitness program or strenuous activity. Results and benefits vary depending on individual needs, which is why physician-created plans can help support goals for weight loss, fitness, and overall health. Contact Weight Success Centers to learn about weight management through diet planning, customized programs, and hormone balance therapies.

What types of sporty activities do you enjoy for maintaining a healthy weight? Tell us your success story on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites. If you are ready to begin your journey to wellness, contact Weight Success Centers for a consultation.


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