The Greater Tampa Bay Area is heating up with summertime fun.  It may be tempting to sit and snack in the air conditioning, but you would be missing out on fun ways to get fit and healthy this summer.  Whether you have children to entertain or you are a kid at heart, here are tips to reclaim your youth this summer.

Must-Do Activities for a Youthful Summer

  • Seek out new adventures  A quick trip to one of Central Florida’s outdoor adventure parks, museums, or activity centers could provide great amusement for people of all ages.  You will not even realize how many calories you are burning while walking around and having fun.
  • Enjoy a memorable vacation  A family vacation or weekend getaway to explore new regions can create lasting memories while restoring your youthfulness. New sights, sounds, smells, and tastes will also delight your senses and promote stress relief.
  • Play outside Physical activity and playing outside can be both emotionally and physically beneficial for people of all ages.  Do yoga, play tennis, or enjoy a game of hide-and-seek with the kiddos. Any activity that raises your breathing and heart rates at least 1 hour a day helps strengthen bones and muscles.
  • Jump in the pool Playing in a pool could bring back your childlike spirit and boost your health.  The CDC states that just 2.5 hours of water-based (or other forms of) physical activity per week has health benefits no matter your age. 
  • Ignite your creativity  Head to the park, pull out your camera, and photograph all the flowers you can find.  If staying home in the AC, turn on some music and dance for some entertaining physical activity. You may also do crafts or an art project to create a summer vacation vibe.
  • Stay hydrated Keep your summer skin vibrant and body energized by drinking at least 8 oz. of water every hour when in warm weather.  Carry water bottles or a water filter to ensure you have access to clean water wherever you go this summer.
  • Eat nutritious foodsYour daily routine may be off due to travel or schedule changes during the summertime, which means quick, less nutritious “junk” foods may be tempting.  Avoid temptation by keeping seeds, nuts, and pre-cut vegetables or fruits on hand for easy snacking.  

We hope these simple tips inspire you and your family to enjoy a healthy and happy season.  No matter your age, it is important to treat yourself to the joys of summertime. The physicians and experts at Weight Success Centers are always happy to provide more information about medical solutions and treatments to maintain good health, revive a radiant glow, and reclaim your youth this summer. 

How do you enjoy a healthy summer? Join the conversation on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites and find more great tips to share with your friends and families.


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