A calming cup of chamomile tea might be one of the simplest ways to destress while improving your skin, hair, and overall health. Blooming in the wild, chamomile is often harvested in the summer. Perfect timing considering summer stresses of heat, humidity, pool chlorine, and the scorching sun.

The Tampa Aesthetics team and medical experts at Weight Success Centers often tout the importance of nutritious fruits and vegetables, but medicinal herbs also offer health benefits. Here is our expert compilation of things to know about chamomile.

Soothing and Calming Effects of Chamomile

For centuries, chamomile has been a go-to herb for its gentle calming effects and medicinal healing. Chamomile is from the beloved daisy family of herbs. Herbalists from many cultures make herbal infusions of chamomile, including German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile species, to help with ailments ranging from digestion issues, to inflammation, to anxiety and stress.

Antioxidants and other properties in the plant’s oils may also aid in skincare and haircare, which is why you’ll find chamomile listed in ingredients for many topical products. Product formulations made with chamomile extract may provide both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory relief when applied to skin. It has also been used in products to reduce signs of acne scars and rosacea.

Additionally, chamomile may help reduce scalp irritations or control dandruff, but use caution with direct applications and tea rinses, as this herb is also associated with hair lightening. As with any treatments, products, or supplements – results and benefits will vary depending on a person’s unique needs. The Tampa Aesthetics experts and physicians at Weight Success Centers are always happy to provide information about specific solutions to support your needs and goals.

Best Ways to Enjoy the Benefits of Chamomile

In addition to choosing organic products with chamomile listed as an ingredient, a terrific way to enjoy chamomile is in a cup tea, of course. You can find a large selection of herbal tea at most grocery stores around the world, as chamomile has become widely popular as a relaxing beverage.

To make a perfect cup of chamomile tea, simply boil water and pour it over the loose herbs or tea bag. Cover your cup and let it steep to desired strength. Medicinal properties and antioxidants from this delicate herb may be enhanced when steeped longer, but that may result in a more bitter taste. Once steeping is complete, simply strain loose herbs, or remove the teabag. During Florida’s hottest days, you may want to let the tea cool and add a few ice cubes for a calming and cool summer drink.

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