Are you ready to eat your way through a culinary adventure? Cooking vacations rank high on the list of our favorite types of trips. Designing a trip for your taste buds is growing in popularity around the world.  To get started, we have cooked up some tasty travel planning tips and created a list of cooking-class destinations for your culinary adventures.

Cooking Vacations and Culinary Tours

There is a wide array of travel choices depending on your favorite flavors and cooking styles.  Simply do some research and sign up for hands-on cooking classes or short-term courses around the world.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Italian Cuisine from Scratch: Are you ready to make homemade pasta or learn the art of folding the perfect ravioli? Italy is the Promised Land for cooking vacations.  Numerous tour companies offer cooking tours and culinary classes at premium destinations, from Sicily to Tuscany.
  • Mastering French Cooking:  Find out the secret to making a French soufflé. Some of the world’s best culinary schools and foodie tours can be found in France.  From haute restaurants offering courses in the city, to farmhouses featuring onsite-cooking schools, the cooking tourism business is booming in cities like Paris, Bordeaux, and many others.
  • Authentic Mexican Dishes:  Who doesn’t crave homemade tamales, enchiladas, or warm tortillas dipped in hot queso?  Imagine learning the art to these dishes with a culinary vacation in Mexico. Chefs and culinary schools in places like Mexico City and the Metropolitan area of Puebla offer options for authentic cooking workshops. They offer insights into culinary traditions.
  • Classic American Food:  America is a food lover’s dream with countless cooking schools and culinary travel options. There is no limit to discovering the richly diverse culinary regions of America. From southern comfort foods in Charleston, to Cajun cuisine in New Orleans, to deep-dish pizza in Chicago.  Culinary tourism is heating up in chef’s kitchens across America.

Tasty Travel Options

It is no secret that traveling provides opportunities to try new foods and regional cuisines. There is a fine art to centering an entire trip on food.  You may schedule a trip around a food festival, such as the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Crawfish Music Festival happening this month in Biloxi, MS. Perhaps you enjoy fine wine and cheese. Then you must consider a laid-back escape to Napa Valley, CA.  

If you are ready to expand your culinary skills, then it is time to design an interactive trip with cooking classes at the destination known for YOUR favorite foods. In addition to the kitchen curriculum and set class schedules, many chefs and tour groups will include outings to local markets and other sightseeing adventures to give you a taste of the culture.


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