You already know that drinking water improves the function of many systems in your body, helps clear up your complexion, and keeps you from feeling faint or irritable. But there are more benefits to staying hydrated. It turns out that drinking water may aid your weight loss efforts.

Drinking Water and Weight Loss

Here’s why:

  • Drinking water helps you feel fuller, so you avoid eating and drinking extra calories.
  • When you’re hydrated, you’re also less likely to drink high-calorie beverages like soda.
  • Drinking cold water can cause a slight boost in your metabolism.
  • The colder you’re drinking water, the more calories you burn. That’s because heating up water uses extra energy, causing your body to burn more calories along the way.
  • The full feeling you get when you’re hydrated helps you avoid overeating, which can increase the effectiveness of your diet or exercise program. [Successful study participants drank 2 500ml glasses of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.]

To experience the weight loss benefits of drinking more water:

  • Start by drinking the recommended amount of water. For most people, half of their body weight in ounces is suggested per day. So, if you weigh 140 pounds, you should aim to drink around 70 ounces of water per day.
  • Space out your water drinking throughout the day.
  • Avoid drinking excessive amounts of water.
  • If you drink a dehydrating beverage like coffee, soda, or alcohol, you’ll need to incorporate additional water into your daily routine.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise.

It can be easy to be overwhelmed by this type of information of you’re not used to drinking the recommended daily amount of water. Don’t be discouraged! Start simple, and be consistent with that positive change. For example: focus on hydrating before meals, or on replacing sodas with water or sparkling water. Once you make it a daily practice, it will become easier to boost your water intake over time. [MEET WEIGHT SUCCESS DOCTORS]

How has drinking more water helped improve your health and wellness? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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