For centuries, chamomile has been a go-to herb for its gentle calming effects and medicinal healing.

Chamomile Medicinal Power

Chamomile is from the beloved daisy family of herbs. It is harvest in the summer months when bloomed in the wild. Herbalists from many cultures make herbal infusions of it, including German and Roman Chamomile species, to help with ailments ranging from digestion issues to inflammation, to anxiety and stress. Properties in the plant’s oils may also aid in skincare and hair care, which is why you’ll find chamomile listed in many product ingredient lists. You may also find a large selection of herbal tea at most grocery stores around the world, as it has become widely popular as a relaxing beverage.

To make a perfect cup of tea, simply boil water and pour it over the loose herbs or tea bag. Cover your cup and let steep to desired strength. Medicinal properties and antioxidants from this delicate herb may be enhanced when steeped longer, but that may result in a

more bitter taste. Once steeping is completed, simply strain loose herbs or remove the tea bag.

You know what to do next – relax and enjoy each soothing sip.

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