Those who are looking for a solution to staying healthy may be considering visiting a weight loss doctor. The best fitness regimens involve both exercise and a personalized diet plan. Also, there must be an awareness of the immediate rewards as well as obstacles that will be faced along the way. When starting a weight loss journey, expect to experience these situations:

Fluctuating Energy Levels

Since the body and mind will be subjected to new workout activities as well as nutrition habits, it is common to feel energy levels fluctuate during the adjustment period. As the body learns to cope, there will be noticed improvement. Many people have told their weight loss doctor that they noticed better sleep and fewer situations of brain fog early on in the process.

Gaining Confidence

During any weight loss journey, each small victory encountered along the way will provide a sense of accomplishment. These boosts don’t just come from what is on the scale. They come from completing an exercise program or resisting the urge to eat a bag of chips while watching a favorite television program.

Then, as clothes sizes start to drop and people start to comment on the changes they are seeing, the momentum builds.

Weight Loss Plateau

It isn’t uncommon to face some obstacles along the way, so don’t be disheartened. When an individual experiences rapid weight loss in the beginning, and then it starts to come to a stop, don’t panic; it’s still a sign of healthy, sustainable weight loss. The initial drop in weight that most experience is often due to water loss.

One of the best things about Weight Success Centers is that we offer weekly visits. At these visits, vitals and body composition are reviewed. Also, there is weekly counseling involved. This gives a person the chance to see the things that are worth celebrating each week.

When starting down the path to a healthier lifestyle, it’s essential to have a nutrition and fitness partner. Dr. Aguila is known as the best weight loss doctor in the Tampa area. He along with his team will help their patients through each step of the way. They offer natural supplements for weight loss, fat burning, as well as energy. In some situations where it is necessary, they offer FDA approved appetite suppressant prescriptions. To get started, visit our website to schedule an appointment.


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