If there is one food worth traveling the world to taste and sample, that food is cheese.  Whether you call it cheese, fromage, or queso, the health benefits in a single serving of cheese are plentiful. The protein and fat from milk coupled with calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and B12 deliver essential nutrients to the body.  

Generally, cheese forms by coagulation of milk from cow, goat, or sheep milk.  France, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain come to mind when many of us think about cheese. However, California, Wisconsin, and Vermont are also leaders in the dairy industry.  October is recognized as American Cheese Month to celebrate North America’s diverse cheeses, and that is reason enough for us to put a spotlight on glorious cheese.

Super Cheesy Choices

Depending on your preferences, you may nibble on anything from a mild brick cheese from Wisconsin that hasn’t been aged, to a tangy sharp cheddar that’s been aged, to a creamy French Camembert boasting a potent taste and aroma.   The choice of hard or soft textures, of course, is one of our favorite qualities of cheese. Cheese is the king of versatility. Enjoy cheese served soft with a spoon (Ricotta), sliced on a cracker (Swiss), grated on salad (Parmesan), or deliciously melted on just about any bread, meat, pasta, or vegetable (Brie, Gouda, Colby, or you name it).  

Tempting Travel Tips

Whether you are a certified cheesemonger specializing in a cheese career or a self-proclaimed cheese connoisseur seeking to sample specialty cheeses, there are limitless travel opportunities for artisanal adventures around the world.  If staying in the states to celebrate cheese month, simply head to your nearest creamery offering farm-to-table cheese samplings. Fun Fact:  Vermont is the state claiming to have the highest number of cheesemakers per capita.  Check out travel opportunities, including tours, tastings, and cheesemaker festivals.


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