Fill Up on Leafy Greens for National Nutrition MonthIn celebration of National Nutrition Month this March, our Florida experts and physicians at Weight Success Centers encourage women and men to fill your plates with more leafy greens.
Why? Few foods are more nutritious than leafy greens, and vitamin-rich food choices are a great way to maintain a healthy weight and boost vitality.

Improve Health with Delicious and Nutritious Greens

Undoubtedly, leafy greens can add a colorful flair to your dinner plates this month in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, but greens will also add mega doses of vitamins like A and C, minerals like calcium and potassium, powerful antioxidants, plus beneficial fiber. Simply rinse and start chomping to boost your diet with nutrients and disease-fighting chemicals.

Stewed, raw, or sautéed – greens can be a great addition to your meal plan. Collard greens, crisp romaine lettuce, and sautéed spinach have been some of the most popular greens enjoyed in American diets for decades, but kale became a hot trend in recent years due to its highly nutritious “Superfood” status. Wonderfully frilly, kale provides numerous vitamins plus calcium, folate, and potassium.

Similarly, Swiss chard has gained popularity for its high-nutrient content including vitamins A and C, but chard comes with a softer texture and a tasty beet-like flavor. Speaking of flavor, we also suggest giving mustard greens a try. Crispy mustard greens offer similar nourishment as other greens, but they uniquely have a strong, peppery taste.

Finding Fresh Foods and Leafy Greens in Florida

The USDA recommends filling half of each plate of food with fruits and vegetables. This is easy to do in the Sunshine State, as most fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens are widely available in Florida stores and markets on a year-round basis.

Remember to always rinse your fresh greens in cold, clean water before consuming. Also, greens are highly perishable, which is why you will want to refrigerate and enjoy crisp greens within a few days of bringing them home from the market.

Additionally, frozen greens like spinach are always available in stores for longer-term storage convenience. While frozen greens are not ideal for a fresh salad, they are excellent for adding to your smoothies, dips, casseroles, or stir-fry recipes.

The Florida physicians and experts at Weight Success Centers hope you add more greens to your plates this month and throughout the year. Contact our team for more healthy tips and other information about meal plans, medical solutions, and treatments to promote wellness.

How will you add more greens to your plate this month? Share healthy recipes and join the conversation on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites, where you can find more great tips to share with your friends and families.


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