The holiday season is in full swing across the Greater Tampa Bay Area, and there are two things on many people’s minds:

  1. How can I stay fit with all of these tempting holiday treats?
  2. What am I giving as gifts to my friends and family?

The simple answer for both could be get-fit technologies. 

The experts at Florida-based Weight Success Centers LLC have researched a few helpful apps and gadgets to motivate you or perhaps serve as gift ideas to give to loved ones.  From calorie-counting apps to wearable heart-monitoring devices, there are plenty of great options this holiday season. 

Top 3 Techy Get-Fit Options

  • Apps to Track Nutrition: There are many apps available to help you monitor your food intake, cut calories, and increase nutrients. Food logging and tracking applications such as Calorie Counter by FatSecret or MyFitnessPal are popular. These trackers help ensure you do not consume more calories than you can burn off each day, which helps support weight loss goals. The apps may also help you achieve appropriate amounts of nutrients, such as monitoring potassium intake to improve heart health. Mindful eating and intake monitoring is a great start for overall wellbeing.
  • Devices for Monitoring Your Health: Some great holiday gift options include body-monitoring devices.  Many apps require you to input data into a program, which is why there is such a wide array of body-monitoring equipment options these days. Google Fit, Apple Health, and Samsung Health, for example, use body sensors via your smartphone along with registered profile information to connect you directly to their fitness and wellness platforms. Fitbit is also a popular body-monitoring device. The game-like feeling of tallying points or receiving motivational prompts throughout your day may encourage you to get out for a walk when you may have otherwise stayed on the couch. Sleep, mindfulness, blood pressure, and wellness data may also be tracked depending on the devices and settings you choose.
  • Ways to Motivate and Increase Physical Activity: Physical activity can be one of the most challenging requirements for good health.  Many of us don’t feel like we have the time or the equipment for a high-quality workout, which is why an increasing number of people are downloading apps and embracing streaming services for inspiration.  On-demand fitness streaming services, such as Beachbody, have been helping millions of people complete their workouts wherever and whenever they choose. A streaming service subscription could be a perfect gift for a loved one needing motivation for getting fit in the New Year.

The physicians at Weight Success Centers understand the keys to vitality include staying active to maintain a healthy heart. Contact us today to take your first step to better health and learn about our customized services for healthy living, weight-loss plans, and medical solutions

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