If you’re a woman with hot flashes, being hot isn’t a good thing–but BioTE may be able to help reduce and manage your hot flash symptoms.

What’s BioTE? BioTE is a type of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHT or BHRT), a non-synthetic alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Research suggests that BHT has far fewer health risks and side effects than a synthetic hormone treatment— and more positive effects to accompany your symptom management.

You don’t have to dread menopause or perimenopause. With BioTE treatment options, you could end up feeling and looking better than ever.

How does it work? BioTE offsets the declining hormone levels that occur with the onset of menopause.  As the name suggests, the bioidentical hormones used in BioTE are biologically identical to the hormones your body makes. So they’re more likely to work better, and metabolize more effectively, than a synthetic hormone.

The reason you’re getting hot flashes is because the hormones that help regulate your body temperature are being depleted (and not being replenished anymore). BioTE puts those hormones back into your body. So not only do could hot flashes improve, your other menopausal symptoms could be drastically reduced as well.

Another thing BioTE patients love is that there’s no emotional roller coaster when BioTE is administered– because it’s not a typical cream or injection. The pellets uses in BioTe are administered above the buttocks, behind the hip.

They release the hormones based on your cardiac output, which means you’ll get the amount your body needs— when it’s needed most. No more hormone dumps, no more ups and downs. Because the release is gradual and more natural than synthetic treatments, the positive effects of BioTE typically last anywhere from 4-5 months.

Patients in BHT studies who are experiencing menopause have reported many positive effects including an overall curbing and reduction of their symptoms, decreased fatigue, improved appearance, and feeling more youthful overall.

Your body knows how to help you, it just needs the tools to do so. And BHT treatment is one option that may be a big help if you’re going through menopause. In short, BioTE is a safe, balanced way to replace your natural hormones that your hot flashes will hate, but you and your body will love.

Tired of menopause dragging you down? Ask us your questions about BioTE — we can help you determine which BHT options may be right for you.


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