Nutritious Spring Snacks and Easter Delights

Health has been at the top of all of our minds during recent weeks. The experts at Florida-based Weight Success Centers want to help you plan for a healthy Easter celebration at home with nutritious snacks and ideas that could brighten your holiday.

Oftentimes, store-bought treats have empty calories and excess sugar doing no favors for your immune system.  Certain homemade delights, however, can be your best option for scrumptious nutrients with immune-boosting and mood-boosting power.


How to Gather Items for Healthy Easter Baskets

Recently, stores have struggled to stock shelves. This has put many of us on a difficult hunt for goodies to help the Easter Bunny fill baskets.  Traditional favorites like jellybeans, peeps, and chocolate bunnies might be on your list of items to find, but we can get creative by opting for healthy items. For example, bunnies love carrots, right?  Try propping a stuffed bunny holding a baggie of carrot sticks.  It will provide sweet and nutritious energy for the kids without any of the added sugars.

Vitamin-rich fruits are also great for boosting immunity.  Try to find your children’s favorite fruits, such as strawberries or kiwis.  Fruit roll-ups and dried fruits like pineapple are also great alternatives to hard candies and chewy sweets.  In addition to fruits and sweet treats, consider non-food items to promote interactions or fun activities while at home this Easter season.  Jump ropes, coloring books, puzzles, and fun toys can be wonderful choices.


Healthy Spring Sweets and Dark Chocolate Recipes

We mentioned chocolate bunnies, which are popular among all age groups around the world during spring.  Our experts suggest skipping the sugar-laden white chocolate and milk chocolate varieties and opt for antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. Generally, a quality serving of dark chocolate should have a high percentage of cocoa.  Aim for 70% or above and check the label for quality nutrients like Iron.  Cocoa beans can also help boost serotonin levels in the brain, which could help you spring into a better mood.

Additionally, homemade chocolate treats can provide a powerful nutrition boost for snack time.  For example, consider making dark chocolate covered nuts or chocolate berry clusters.  Start by following any simple recipe for melting dark chocolate.  For the filling, high protein nuts like almonds will deliver a healthy dose of fiber and minerals, while fresh berries will provide a great source of vitamin C plus antioxidants.  You may use a special candy-making mold in fun shapes like bunny rabbits, or grab a spoon for coating clusters in chocolate.  Simply dollop each spoonful on a parchment-paper-lined tray, then allow clusters to harden in the refrigerator.

Remember, fruits and veggies are also excellent choices for keeping healthy. The physicians at Weight Success Centers are happy to provide more information about healthy living and medical solutions.

What will the Easter Bunny bring to your home this spring?  Do you have any healthy spring recipes to share? Share your healthy tips and join the conversation on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites.


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