There is truth in saying there is nothing like a hot cup of tea.  Herbal tea can provide a host of benefits based on which herbs you choose. The one standard is the calming nature of a warm cup in your hands. The steam wafts up through your nostrils and permeates your skin. For many centuries, cultures around the globe have made tea a part of their daily routine.  With such an amazing ritual already in place around the world, why would you not add some herbal power to your teacup?

You may have plants growing in your garden that could make a lovely cup of herbal tea boasting numerous health benefits.  You can also choose from a large selection of herbal tea at the local health food or grocery stores.  Chamomile tea can be calming and good for anxiety and stress. When steeped longer, the bitter properties of chamomile may also help with digestion. Widely popular green tea is loaded with antioxidants that could be beneficial for your body and brain. Elderberry tea can assist during cold and flu season with its anti-viral properties. For inflammation and skin ailments, try some calendula tea.  The possibilities are endless and preparation is easy.  To make a cup of herbal tea, simply bring your desired amount of water to a boil in a teakettle or pot. Pour hot water into a cup over loose herbs or a tea bag. Cover your cup and let steep to desired strength. After steeping, either strain loose herbs or remove tea bag.  Sit back and enjoy the delicious benefits!

The world of herbal tea is vast and ready for you to explore. Do you have a favorite herbal tea or a beloved way to enjoy teatime? Tell our team at WSC via our Twitter or Facebook page.


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