Long before the Easter egg hunt begins, many of us are on the hunt for goodies to help the Easter Bunny fill baskets. Jellybeans, peeps, and chocolate bunnies are some of our go-to favorites, but there are plenty of healthy options to add to the mix. To start, what bunny doesn’t love carrots? Prop a stuffed bunny holding a baggie of carrot sticks to remind the kiddos how the Easter bunny gets his nutritious energy for hopping. Be sure to add your kids’ favorite fresh fruits, roll ups, or dried fruits for vibrant colors and tasty nutrition.

As for sweets, we recommend antioxidant-rich dark chocolate covered nuts or berries. To create homemade chocolate-covered clusters, start by following any simple recipe for melting dark chocolate. Choosing the cluster filling is up to you. High protein nuts like almonds will deliver a healthy dose of fiber and minerals, while berries will provide a great source of vitamin C plus antioxidants. You may use a special candy-making mold in fun shapes, or simply grab a spoon for coating clusters in chocolate and dolloping each spoonful on a parchment-paper-lined tray to harden in the refrigerator. In addition to nutritious treats, one of the best ways to lower the sugar, fat, and calories in children’s Easter baskets is by adding activity-based gifts. Coloring books, jump ropes, and special toys can provide joyful entertainment for a memorable holiday.

What’s the Easter Bunny bringing to your house? We invite you to share photos of your unique baskets and healthy spring treats.


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