How to Have a Healthier Spring HolidayIf you are ready to spring into a healthier stage of life, then now is the time to do it. Spring is synonymous with rebirth and revitalization, but the spring holidays can tempt you to overindulge in traditional Passover dishes or lure you into enjoying endless Easter treats.

Wonderfully, the wellness experts and physicians at Weight Success Centers are happy to provide you with helpful and healthful tips to celebrate the season without hindering your goals for better health.

Rejoice in the Health Benefits of Bitter Herbs

Meals served for holiday gatherings often include heavy dishes with high calories. Consider, instead, filling your plates with the lighter choices, such as Vitamin A-rich romaine lettuce and other bitter herbs to add nutrition – while keeping with tradition.

The term “bitter herbs” is often associated with The Passover Seder, a Jewish feast to mark the beginning of Passover. The Bible references bitter herbs (maror), including romaine lettuce and endive, should be eaten with customary Passover foods.

Mostly calorie-free, many species of bitter herbs offer trace amounts of vitamins, minerals, and benefits. Consider adding nutrients and flavor to your spring dishes with bitter herbs like horseradish, parsley, or coriander. Bitter herbs like mint, mugwort, and horehound, may also aid in digestion and relieve gastrointestinal issues. Studies show that the bitter flavor in plants, herbs, and extracts can stimulate our brains to release digestive hormones.

More simply, you may relax while sipping tea made from chamomile, one of our favorite bitter herbs. You can enhance the medicinal properties and antioxidants in bitter herbs by steeping them longer.

Transform Spring Treats into Nutritious Delights

Spring is blooming with tasty treats in stores across Florida. Often marketed for kid’s Easter baskets, store-bought candies in pastel-colored wrappers can be just as tempting for adults. Most simply, we suggest skipping those artificial sweets from stores and instead choosing vitamin-rich and flavorful fruits with natural sugars. Fresh Florida strawberries or perhaps a bright yellow slice of pineapple could satisfy your sweet tooth this spring.

Also, we can avoid the empty calories and excess sugar by making nutritious candies at home using an antioxidant-rich and serotonin-boosting dark chocolate. Choose a quality dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (70% or above). The candy-making process is quite easy. Simply melt the dark chocolate for creating individual clusters filled with high-protein nuts or vitamin-rich berries. You may use a candy-making mold or just grab a spoon for coating clusters in the melted chocolate. Simply dollop each spoonful on a parchment-paper-lined tray, then allow clusters to harden in the refrigerator.

How will you keep your holiday dishes and treats healthy this spring? Do you have any healthy spring recipes to share? Share your healthy tips and join the conversation on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites.


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