Americans celebrate National Hair Day on October 2, which offers us a well-timed discussion on hair restoration.  Talking about your mane can be difficult if you are suffering from hair loss. Difficulties also arise when trying to decipher which products to choose, as some can make things worse, while other products may make false claims.  The good news is that Tampa Aesthetics experts and physicians at Weight Success Centers are here to help you navigate your best options for hair restoration.   

Professional Hair Treatments and Restoration

Men and women of any age may struggle with choosing the right solution for hair loss.  The important thing is that everyone is different, including different genetics, different bodies, and different lifestyles.  

Some of those drugstore “cure all” products that claim miraculous results often leave us feeling cheated or dismayed. With any hair treatments, products, or supplements – results and benefits will vary depending on your unique needs.  A key to success is working with a medical professional to test and determine the best possible hair restoration, hair growth products, topical solutions, tablets, or non-invasive alternatives for your individual needs.  

Hair Loss and Hair Restoration Options

With the right support, you can find the best possible solutions for your hair loss or hair thinning.  Just remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Medical tests and exams should be conducted to ensure there is not an underlying medical issue associated with your hair loss or hair thinning.  The following list is subjective and should be discussed with a health care provider:

  1. Hairpieces:  Hairpieces, extensions, wigs, and clip-ins are an aesthetic solution for hair thinning or loss. Many colors and styles are widely available for men and women of all ages.  
  2. Tablets: Certain prescriptions and over-the-counter supplements may provide your body the nutrients, hormonal balance, or metabolic support it needs to support healthier hair. 
  3. Topicals: Common over-the-counter products like ointments and creams can be used to help generate hair regrowth in a desired area. Proper application and dosage is imperative.
  4. The LaserCap®:  Cleared by the FDA, this prescription-only photomedicine cap is light, flexible, and easy to use at home to treat hair loss.

Nutrition for Healthy Hair and Scalp

The physicians and experts at Weight Success Centers always emphasize the importance of good nutrition. Be sure to get the right amounts of Protein, Iron, Zinc, and other minerals. Remember, vitamins A and B also help promote cell growth to support healthy hair. One of the best is Biotin (B7), which can be found in egg yolks, nuts, avocados, and certain meats. Omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in salmon and fish oils, may also be helpful in improving the health of your hair and scalp.  Contact Weight Success Centers for customized nutrition plans, hair restoration, skincare, and medical solutions.

Do you know any secrets to restoring hair or maintaining a youthful luster? Join the conversation on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites. Find more great tips to share with your friends and families.


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