The New Year is here, friends, and this could be a pivotal moment in your health plan.  Whether you are looking to start the year off with a healthier lifestyle, or you simple want to maintain your great health from last year – we are here with inspiration to help you successfully reach your goals.

Increase Energy by Living Well
Start by taking a holistic approach to your health plan by including healthy eating, physical activity, and meditation exercises in your daily routine.  Small changes to your lifestyle can bring big results in terms of greater peace of mind, controlled blood pressure, and overall wellbeing.

If you are serious about recalibrating your diet, don’t fall victim to crazy fad diets and short-term fixes. Start with a common sense approach, such as limiting salts, sugars, and fatty foods from your meals.  Replace those items with nutritious vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and plant proteins like beans, nuts, and seeds.  Dr. Aguila, who travels the globe for Eat, Heal, Travel, most often recommends that we seek out the simple foods that have sustained our bodies throughout the ages.  Foods that are nutrient rich and high in antioxidants are keys to long-term health and vitality.  

Also, rather than processed foods with trans-fat, cook meals with fresh ingredients and healthy oils.  For example, rather than choosing junk foods, you could enjoy a nutritious snack of fresh tomatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of basil.  Healthy foods are a resource for energy.  The right foods can revitalize your body.  If you’ve had issues in the past with feeling run down or perhaps experience pain due to inflammation, consider adding healthier choices to your diet.  For example, a few anti-inflammatory foods we enjoy include walnuts, pineapple, dark leafy greens, tomatoes, or salmon.

Commit to Health and Happiness
Once you’ve improved your diet with nutritious foods, you could find yourself reaping the benefits of more energy.  Use this energy to enhance your daily exercise routine.  Depending on your current fitness level, it could be as simple as adding a 20-minute walk to your day or a full-scale workout. Please be sure to consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.  The point is to commit mindfully to regular physical activity for overall health and a healthy heart.

Speaking of your heart, have you tried meditation?  Certain breathing exercises and other meditative techniques can help you lower your blood pressure, control stress, and increase peace in your life.  Travel is also a key to health and happiness. Travel literally takes you to a new place and can help you achieve a positive state of mind — from the joy of creating an itinerary, to the excitement of preparing for the trip, to the elation of savoring the tastes, smells, and sights of your adventure.

The three pillars of “Eat, Heal, Travel” are completely interconnected. If you achieve one, you will likely accomplish the others.  Staying active, traveling, and enjoying foods with medicinal value can help us achieve good health and vitality for the New Year and for years to come in the future.  

We hope these simple tips will inspire you to eat well, live long, and travel far this year! Be sure to let us know via Twitter or Facebook how you plan to live life to the fullest in 2018.


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