Organics and Farm-to-Table Facts for Earth Day

Hundreds of countries around the world recognize Earth Day by planting trees, ramping up conservation efforts, and advocating for scientific research.  At Florida-based Weight Success Centers LLC in Tampa, we are marking Earth Day 2020 by providing helpful facts about healthy organic foods and the benefits of farm-to-table meal planning.


Understanding the Concept of “Farm to Table”

Put simply, the shorter distance from the farm to your table – the better for the environment. Importantly, less food processing and transportation delays can also mean better flavors, fewer pesticides, fewer additives, and greater nutrition for you.

By eating local and organic foods from around Florida and the Greater Tampa Bay area, you can be enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables that are actually in-season.  As a result, your diet and menu options will change frequently throughout the year.

Direct buying of local food from farms, farm stores, and farmer’s markets is a growing trend, while also a very old tradition. Before big grocery stores, we grew our food and bartered with neighbors for the food we did not grow. Back then, most of our food came from within close proximity to our homes. Today, buying food locally helps small businesses and provides the consumer with the satisfaction of knowing where and how their food was grown.


Filtering the Facts about Organic Foods

Avoiding synthetic chemicals and fertilizers in your food is important. Certain pesticides are linked to numerous health problems, including cancer. The USDA’s National Organic program designates which food can be labeled as organic. In order to be labeled organic, the food must be produced without synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, genetic engineering, irradiation, or sewage sludge.

The popularity and availability of organic food has grown in recent years, but the cost can be a prohibiting factor for changing over your entire grocery list to organic. Fortunately, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) puts out an annual list with the dirtiest and cleanest foods. This list can assist in decision making on purchasing organic versus non-organic foods.

There are multiple organic farms around Central Florida. You may be surprised to find local food can often be cost-effective because it cuts out distribution and transportation costs. Without long distances for the food to travel, there is consequently less environmental pollution.  This aligns with global conservation and Earth Day efforts.

The physicians and experts at Weight Success Centers are happy to provide more information about healthy living and medical solutions for maintaining good health.


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