You have every intention of achieving your health and weight loss goals— but you’re hitting roadblocks at work. We’re here to help with solutions to 7 of the most common weight loss setbacks that can happen at work.

Get up— and get moving around!

Most of our jobs are very sedentary. But staying seated all day at work can be a major setback to your weight loss. Every little bit of movement helps. Here are some things you can try:

Take the stairs (instead of the elevator)

Park farther away from your office (to get in more walking)
Walk around the office once per hour
Find a nearby park or walking path where you can get some sunshine— we’ve noticed that people who get more sunshine tend to have lower BMIs.
Eat away from your desk: it helps make sure you’re active during your lunch hour, and helps you remain more focused on the meal itself— which reduces the likelihood that you’ll mindlessly snack (and/or overeat)

Try to relax.

Staying active also helps you beat another common weight loss setback we all face: high stress levels. Whether we’re overwhelmed at work or at home, higher stress levels produce more cortisol—which means your fat is more likely to be stored than burned. Remember to take deep breaths, and have positive outlets and techniques for stress relief that you can do easily throughout the day.

Keep healthy snacks (and water) close by.

Most people aren’t ready for the middle of the day hunger pang (or energy slump). We’ve all hit that weight loss roadblock at work— and went straight for the vending machine. Not to mention we’re way more likely to hit the coffee pot over and over before we make one trip to the water cooler. When hunger attacks, you can strike back in a variety of ways:

Keeping a water bottle at your desk (and having daily hydration goals)

Thirst and dehydration often feels just like hunger. Most experts recommend taking your body weight, dividing it in half, and drinking that number of ounces of water per day.
Fill your snack jar with things like dried fruit, nuts, and Greek yogurt
Make sure whatever snacks you buy are high-protein (and low in sugar and fat)

Remember to pack your lunch.

When it is time for the mid-day meal, packing your lunch can help you overcome one of the biggest weight loss setbacks most of us face at work: eating out. Most restaurant offerings– especially the ones you can order and eat within a short lunch break—are high-fat, high-calorie, and highly-processed. Packing a lunch with what you make at home is much more likely to be nutrient-rich, since you’re likely already eating healthier foods to meet your weight loss goals.

Watch the portion sizes.

We know that the office birthday cakes and Friday donuts are irresistible— even if you are laser-focused on your nutrition and weight loss goals. So if a coworker or client brings a sweet treat you can’t avoid, try taking a smaller portion, so you can stay more on track.

No one can eliminate all the weight loss roadblocks in their path. But there are simple techniques we can all try to make them easier to keep in perspective (and overcome).


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