With health issues spanning the globe, now is the perfect time to shine a light on the benefits of physical fitness.  As designated by the President’s Council on Fitness, May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.  The Weight Success Centers in Tampa are joining our fellow Americans in promoting healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise this month and throughout the year.

5 Lifestyle Solutions for Improved Fitness

Florida physicians and experts at Weight Success Centers emphasize that physical fitness takes more than just jogging or lifting weights.  Overall health and fitness benefits are achieved through a holistic approach to nutritious diet plans, exercise programs, and hormonal balance. Here are five expert tips:

  • Remember to Exercise Daily: The best results are achieved with daily exercise, whether that includes a walk around your neighborhood or an intense cardio routine. What you do each day will depend on your current health and fitness level.  For beginners, or for those with physical or medical conditions, you will want to consult with a physician or weight-loss doctor.  For example, Weight Success Centers offers support for patients ready to improve their health.
  • Get Fit by Enjoying Fun Activities: In addition to basic exercises at home, consider future ideas of getting active in sports, signing up for a charitable run, going bowling, joining a golf club, swimming, or even taking dance lessons.  Through sports training, cardio, or interactive activities, individuals can reap the benefits of shedding excess weight and increasing vitality.
  • Don’t Forget Diet Planning: A solid physical fitness program should include a healthy diet plan. Nutrition experts emphasize the importance of limiting salts, sugars, trans-fats, overly processed foods, and fried or fatty foods.  Those items can be replaced with delicious and highly nutritious vegetables, leafy greens, fresh fruits, healthy oils (such as olive oil), lean meats, and plant proteins like beans, nuts, or seeds.
  • Seek Support for Achieving Success: A medically supervised weight-loss program can make it easier to lose weight because you will have someone by your side – helping each step of the way.  A customized diet and exercise plan can address your specific needs for achieving success. If you live in the Greater Tampa Bay area, simply contact Weight Success Centers to get started.
  • Discover Ways to Balance Hormones: It can be hard to achieve your fitness goals when you are struggling with a diagnosed hormonal imbalance, which can cause fatigue, insomnia, depression, low sex drive, and weight loss struggles. With the help of a physician, consider combining your exercise and diet plan with a Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHT) to restore or balance hormone levels. As with any program, supplement, or medical treatment, results and benefits vary depending on the individual. Contact Weight Success Centers for information about BioTE, a subcutaneous pellet type of BHT, which is proving safe and effective for many patients.

What unique activities do you do to keep fit? Tell us your success story on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites. If you are ready to begin your journey to wellness, contact Weight Success Centers for a consultation.


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