A summer slimdown is just what the doctor order to help men and women battling those lingering effects of spring’s stay-at-home orders and closed gyms. Remember that slimming strategies should go beyond fitting into a new summer wardrobe.  The best strategic plans are designed to provide long-term results for feeling fit, having energy, and enjoying good health.

Weight Success Centers, LLC supports Tampa Bay area patients in living healthy and balanced lives. Consider these expert tips for weight management and overall wellness through diet planning, exercise programs, and hormone balance therapies.

Summer Diet Planning for Long-Term Success

First, commit to eating healthy for the long run – not just the summer.  Going into a fad diet with shortsightedness is only a temporary fix.  Yes, you may quickly slimdown with intermittent fasting or intense exercise, but you will still need a long-term strategy to maintain a healthy weight.  For example, swear off consumption of processed foods with trans-fat or junk foods containing excess salts, fats, and sugar.  May you enjoy an occasional indulgence when dining out or at a special event? Yes, but “occasional” is essential to consistently maintaining a healthy weight.

Also, focus on drinking more water and building a meal plan around nutritious vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meats, healthy oils, herbs, and plant proteins like beans, nuts, and seeds.  Importantly, food logging and tracking apps can also help you monitor your food intake, cut calories, and increase nutrients.

Committing to Daily Exercise for Lasting Results

Start by making exercise a part of your summer routine. The days are longer, which gives you more time to schedule a morning workout or evening walk.  Even a 20-minute stroll can provide health benefits.  Higher intensity workouts will support slimming results, but your exercise program should be built on your current fitness level to avoid injury.  Be sure to seek the advice of a physician or trainer before beginning a new cardio or strength-training program.  Sticking to a fitness program can be challenging, which is why you may consider a fitness app or on-demand streaming service for ongoing motivation.

Supervised Weight Loss and Hormone Balance

A weight-loss doctor at Weight Success Centers will offer guided support for shedding excess weight and increasing vitality.  A medically supervised weight-loss program is often the best solution for successfully maintaining a healthy weight.  Your customized weight-loss plan can cater to your specific needs.  For example, you may have hormone imbalances blocking you from losing weight.  Tiredness, insomnia, and depression are hormonal symptoms that could disturb your metabolism and hinder weight loss. The physicians and experts at Weight Success Centers are certified providers of BioTE, a subcutaneous pellet type of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHT) to balance testosterone and estrogen levels. Results and benefits vary depending on individual needs, which is why customized plans are always the key to supporting goals for weight loss, fitness, and overall health.

Do you want a quick slimdown for the summer, or are you striving for long-term success? Share your goals with a like-minded community on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites. If you are ready to begin your journey to wellness, contact Weight Success Centers for a consultation.


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