One of the healthiest choices you can make is to practice staying hydrated. Drinking water has tons of benefits to your health, your wellness, and your mood.

Staying Hydrated: Why it is Important

Simply put, without drinking enough water, your body doesn’t function properly. But when you’re hydrated, you’re a well-oiled (or well-watered) machine!

People who drink enough water see an improvement in kidney, liver, and digestive functions. Why? Because water helps you flush waste and move food through your digestive system without it getting “stuck”.

Hydration is also essential to getting the appropriate amount of blood flow to your organs. And you don’t have to be a doctor to know that proper organ function is definitely a good thing!

While any liquid (and most foods) contain water and aid hydration, there’s no substitute for the “real thing”.  If you do want to diversify your hydration strategy, try:

  • Sparkling water (make sure it is calorie and additive-free)
  • Fruits and vegetables like lettuce, watermelon, and celery
  • Pure juice is nutritious and hydrating, but don’t rely on juice: it is naturally high in sugar (fructose)

In the age of smartphones, it’s easier than ever to make sure you’re drinking enough water. There are many apps that help you keep track of your daily water intake. Some even make it like a game, which helps us stay engaged and on track.

One last bit of good news about hydration, you can still drink a moderate amount of coffee per day without it adversely affecting your water intake. Just make sure to follow it up with our favorite beverage, a tall, cool drink of water. What is your favorite tip for staying hydrated? Share your stories and strategies with us in the comments!


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