The spirit of Halloween is overtaking the Greater Tampa Bay Area, and the tempting candies and sweet treats are all around us.  To help you avoid falling victim to Halloween temptations, the experts at Florida-based Weight Success Centers have compiled some nutritious recipes and tips to help you avoid the empty calories, sugar, and excess fats found in store-bought treats, and instead have a healthy Halloween. 

Boost Nutrition in Halloween Classics

Intertwine some nutritious options into your classic treats this Halloween.  An age-old example is the caramel apple, which combines gooey sweetness with a vitamin-rich, fiber-filled fruit. For a fun-sized take on the traditionally sweet-and-sour treat, enjoy a few caramel grapes. Simply dip the tops of white grapes in melted caramel and set on a tray to harden.  If adding nuts, coat with crushed walnuts as opposed to less-nutritious peanuts. Grapes and walnuts are loaded with minerals and vitamins. 

Savor Antioxidant-Rich Dark Chocolates

A wickedly good healthy Halloween treat recipe is dipping healthy fruits or berries into antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. In addition to providing healthy antioxidants, a serving of dark chocolate could also boost serotonin levels in the brain. That could help you feel the childlike fun of Halloween. 

To create homemade chocolate-covered clusters, start by following any simple recipe for melting dark chocolate. Next, choose a cluster filling. High-protein nuts like almonds deliver a healthy dose of fiber and minerals, while berries provide a source of vitamin C plus antioxidants. Use a candy-making mold in Halloween shapes like witch hats or pumpkins. More simply, grab a spoon to coat clusters in chocolate, and then place each spoonful on a tray with parchment paper. Place in refrigerator to harden.

Bake Health Benefits into Halloween Treats

If you enjoy baking, you could boost nutrients in your baked goods by adding carotene-rich pumpkin and by substituting honey for sugar this season.  The point is to cut back on processed, sugary treats from those middle isles and satisfy your sweet cravings with some homemade treats. As mentioned, pumpkin is always a great choice for spicing up baked goods this season. With a tasty orange-colored pulp, this low-calorie, fat-free squash plant is a source of heart-healthy potassium, iron, vision-boosting carotenes, and vitamins A, B6, and C.  

Plan Ahead to Avoid Seasonal Temptations

If you show up to an event or meeting with an empty stomach, you will likely end up with a belly full of unhealthy treats.  Those fatty, sugary foods often deplete energy and make us feel rundown. We suggest keeping fresh fruits and tasty veggies within reach at all times this season. Do this by setting aside time to wash, chop, and pack servings in small containers for quick access. For example, having fresh berries or even dried fruits on hand could ensure you don’t eat a handful of sugary candies.

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