Losing weight can be tough for many people. Dieting and exercise programs are beneficial, but sticking with them is not always easy. Thankfully, there is help to be found with a weight loss doctor from Weight Success Centers. A medically-supervised weight loss program can make a big difference in a person’s ability to lose weight. With this information, individuals will learn the benefits of choosing a doctor to help them shed their excess weight.

What Is a Medical Weight Loss Program?

A medical weight loss program is one that is supervised by a doctor. The patient receives focused care from the very beginning. The diet and exercise plan the doctor gives them is targeted to their specific health needs so that they can be successful.

Medical weight loss programs are much safer and allow individuals to focus, not only on losing weight, but also on improving their health. With the best weight loss doctor being in control of the program, individuals receive the vitamins and medical prescriptions they need for success.

Those who seek these types of weight loss doctors can lose weight at a safe and reliable rate. There is no crash dieting and no starvation mode. Patients are encouraged to eat a wide range of healthy food choices and monitor their serving sizes. These programs help individuals safely shed the recommended two pounds a week they should be losing.

What to Expect

Choosing the right weight loss doctor in Tampa Bay is paramount for successful weight loss. It is wise to carefully research and learn all of the facts before making a decision. The first appointment will involve a thorough physical which includes bloodwork, EKG, and fat composition analysis.

With the right diet and fat burning MIC/B12 injections, men and women can be successful at losing weight, even if they have not been able to be successful with other programs. Dr. Aguila helps patients overcome their poor eating habits and start on a brand new journey of health and fitness.

If you are interested in losing weight, contact the Weight Success Centers. We will be happy to schedule your appointment to get started right away.


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