Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized that what you were doing for your skin wasn’t working? Whether you’re frustrated with aging, acne, sun damage, or an array of other issues, you can tell your skin isn’t living up to its potential. If so, it might be a good idea to try JetPeel facial rejuvenation.

Reaching that conclusion is the easy part. The hard part is figuring out which if the countless professional treatments out there will get your skin where it needs to go.

The first step in making that decision is learning about your options. One choice not everyone knows about is an advanced treatment called JetPeel facial rejuvenation.

What is JetPeel?

JetPeel’s name comes from the fact that it uses a type of water jet on your skin. The system combines sterile water with pressurized air to create microscopic water droplets in a jet stream.

During the treatment, pressurized water opens micro-channels in your skin and we use those channels to infuse specialized serums into your skin.

In a way, think of JetPeel like a microneedling treatment without the needles. It creates pathways that let serums penetrate deep into your skin and work their magic. Unlike microneedling, though, there are no needles or open “injuries” to the skin.

The serums themselves will depend on what you want to get out of the treatment. You can opt for serums that exfoliate, hydrate, firm the skin, and more.

What Issues Can JetPeel Treat?

Everyone’s skin is unique and no treatment produces the exact same results from person to person. However, part of the beauty of JetPeel is that by customizing the serums we use, we can treat a wide range of issues.

One of the most common focus areas in a JetPeel treatment is aging. Age-defying serums help the skin develop more collagen which firms the skin and reduces wrinkles.

For other people, we can use JetPeel to reduce acne as well as facial redness like rosacea. Beyond all these issues, JetPeel can also address skin discoloration from sun damage, enlarged pores, and scars.

What is Involved in a JetPeel Treatment?

As with other skincare treatments, every JetPeel session begins with cleansing your skin. The more oil, debris, and dead skin cells we can clear away in advance, the more effective the JetPeel will be.

In some cases, we may begin with a surface exfoliation as well for a deeper clean.

Next, we customized the JetPeel’s settings for your skin and start using it to open pathways into your skin. During the first stage, the JetPeel sends the saline solution into your skin to break down any skin congestion and create pathways for the serums to come.

The next steps are customized to each person’s needs. We often follow the saline with some type of exfoliant like glycolic acid. The JetPeel infuses this exfoliant into the skin to refresh your skin from the inside out.

Finally, we use the same process to apply any of our serums, depending on what you want to focus on for your skin. We once again use the JetPeel applicator to infuse the serum into your skin for powerful results.

What Can I Expect After a JetPeel Treatment?

With most skin treatments, there is a trade-off. Your skin looks far better in the long run, but first, you have to get through a healing period when your skin doesn’t look its best.

JetPeel is unique because there is no healing period. At most, you may have some temporary redness on the day of the treatment. This fades in a matter of hours.

Most people walk away from their JetPeel treatment with their skin looking and feeling fresher and cleaner. Over the coming days, you’ll notice your skin becoming plumper and more hydrated.

You will see further results as your specialized serums take time to work. This could mean your pimples or redness fade or perhaps your fine lines get smoother.

How to Get the Best Results from JetPeel

As with any other skincare treatment, the results you get from JetPeel depend on the person administering it.

Our experienced team knows how to customize every JetPeel treatment for the individual, giving you optimal results every time.

We can also recommend other ways to enhance your results. Some people choose to do a series of JetPeel treatments for more extensive improvement. Others are better served by combining JetPeel with other treatments like microneedling, chemical peels, and more.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what your unique skin needs. To find out what that is and how JetPeel can help, call any of our Tampa medical spas today to learn more and schedule your appointment.


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