Winter is primetime to brighten your skin and boost your immune system by adding citrus to your routines. Vitamin-rich citrus fruits are bountiful this time of year.  Here are some citrus tips from the Tampa Aesthetics experts and physicians at Weight Success Centers, LLC.

Benefits of Fresh Citrus Fruits
Whether you like sweet or acidic flavors, seasonal citrus options include lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, pomelos, and more.  Each winter, the freshest citrus fruits are harvested around the world, including Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, and Mediterranean regions in Europe. Simply visit your favorite farmer’s market or grocery store to find the sweet and tangy goodness.

Most citrus fruits come loaded with antioxidants, phytochemicals, dietary fiber, and vitamins, including immune-boosting Vitamin C and folate.  In addition to supporting overall health and immunity, these nutrients can do wonders to promote radiant skin.

Sensational Serving Suggestions
Citrus fruits are easy to serve.  Simply remove the peel and the bitter pith of citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruits for a nutritious, low-calorie, energy-boosting snack.

In addition, citrus juices can liven up glazes, jellies, marmalades, salsas, shortbreads, teas, salads, and countless dishes.  It is a no brainer for folks around the Greater Tampa Bay area to add Florida oranges to their breakfasts, but there is a wider selection of citrus options than you may realize.

For example, think about adding blood oranges to your menus.  The sweet juice from a blood orange is red as a ruby and tastes similar to orange juice. Try adding the red juice to cocktails for a boost of vitamins and antioxidants. Some varieties of blood oranges taste a little sweeter and less acidic than regular oranges. Feel free to substitute them in any of your favorite orange recipes.

Skincare Boosted by Citrus and Vitamin C
Try something new with citrus to perk up your skin this winter.  Beauty product options are ripe with citrus scrubs, cleansers, and masks starring aromatic citrus as the featured ingredient.  Similar to citrus’ nutritional benefits, the vitamins in citrus plants can help keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and looking fresh.  The immune-boosting effects of Vitamin C in topical skincare products can also offer anti-aging benefits by tightening pores and brightening the skin.

The Tampa Aesthetics experts and physicians at Weight Success Centers are always happy to provide more information about nutritional healing, weight loss plans, skincare, and medical solutions to maintain good health. Contact us today for a consultation on products and plans customized for you.

How will you add citrus to your winter routine? Join the conversation on Weight Success Centers’ social media sites and find more great tips to share with your friends and families.


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